We carry out the following activities to contribute to the overall improvement of thermal and nuclear power generating technologies, accurately presenting the results of investigation and research into new technologies to our members, while also keep informed about our Society's business activities on a wide scale.

The Thermal and Nuclear Power Generation Convention

The Thermal and Nuclear Power Generation Convention's Commemorative Ceremony

This convention focuses primarily on research announcements on a national scale. Experts from each industry give lectures and tours, long-standing Society members are recognized for their distinguished service, selected members are awarded the Seitaro Goto Prize, the Research Paper Prize, and an award for long-term on-site service at thermal or nuclear power plants. The convention is useful for members to mutually improve their knowledge and techniques and to strengthen their relation each other.

Lectures & Tours

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency: Tsukuba Space Center

In addition to the convention above, we also hold lectures, training courses, tours, screenings, and research announcement meetings, in an effort to enlighten our members through spreading knowledge of new technologies.